Everything You Should Be Eating and Drinking This Month in Philly

Emotional support cookies, pan mee, and wintertime tiki drinks.

Rooftop snacks at El Techo | Photo by 624 Communications

1. Chiang Fun at M Kee

We recently wrote about the … inaccurate concerns over the safety of eating in Chinatown because of coronavirus. So now is a good time to head to Chinatown to show the naysayers what’s what. Let breakfast be your revolution — try the chiang fun at M Kee, where they fill wiggly, toothsome rectangles of rice noodle with shrimp, roast pork, or savory fried donuts called youtiao.

2. Emotional Support Cookie at Flow State Coffee Bar

Valentine’s Day can be less than ideal if you’re not feeling ooey gooey. That’s where Flow State’s emotional support cookies come in. In addition to being actually delicious sugar cookies, their sarcastic, somewhat lewd messages make for a blessedly un-annoying Valentine’s Day gift to yourself or your less-than-romantically loved ones.

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3. The French Thing from Dodo Bagels

In addition to classic flavors like sesame and everything, one of Dodo Bagels’ specialties is the “French Thing,” in which they coat one of their crisp-edged, chewy bagels in sesame, fennel, lavender, thyme and salt. See their full February lineup here.


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4. Seafood Cocktail With Your Cocktail at El Techo

The coctel de mariscos is just one of the excellent items on the newly-available snack menu at El Techo, the rooftop accompaniment to the Condesa. Chunks of shrimp, scallops and octopus swim in a bright, tomato and chili-based broth, topped with cilantro and avocado, made better only by the fact that the excellent house-made corn chips are strong enough to hold up to the dish, and flavorful enough to eat on their own.

5. Beef-Stuffed Scallion Pancakes at Dim Sum House

Late night dim sum with alcohol and pool tables has migrated from West Philly to Center City, replacing Jane G’s with a second outpost of Dim Sum House by Jane G’s (a Best of Philly winner, by the way.) You can get a decent scallion pancake in many restaurants in Philly, but we have yet to see anywhere else serve such an excellent one wrapped around thinly sliced beef like the most crispy, delicious burrito you ever saw.


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6. Takeout Pizza at Pizzeria Beddia

The team at Pizzeria Beddia recently announced that they would once again start accepting takeout orders for pizza, in a real throwback to their roots. You have to go into the restaurant to order, which is a little inconvenient in a very on-brand way, but at least now you can sit at the bar and have a drink while you wait, instead of shivering in the cold while you wait for several hours.


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7. Tiki Drinks at the Aloha Room at Grain Craft Bar and Kitchen

February is what we call the dead of winter, which means it’s time to drink like it isn’t. The team at Grain Kennet Square obviously knows this, and has accordingly transformed the restaurant into a tiki bar, complete with thatched roof and plenty of rum.


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8. Pan Mee at Saté Kampar

Every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Ange Branca serves lunch at Saté Kampar, which is already a great choice because of the excellent menu of Malaysian tea and coffee. Now it’s even better because she’s doing hand-ripped pan mee noodles (a specialty of Branca’s Hakka background) in bone broth with chiles, fried anchovies and a poached egg.


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