Lay’s New Geno’s Cheesesteak Potato Chips Are the Snack We Never Asked For

Lay's just released a limited run of a cheesesteak-flavored potato chips modeled after Geno's famous steaks.

Courtesy of Lay’s

Today, Lay’s Potato Chips dropped the potato chip flavor we never knew we needed — a Geno’s Steaks-inspired Philly cheesesteak flavor. Based on the picture, the flavor they created involves a lot of wiz, as well as onions.

The special flavor is part of the company’s “Flavor Icons” series, which involves a wavy chip inspired by carnitas at El Torito in LA, a Nashville hot chicken flavor, inspired by Party Fowl in Nashville, a New York pizza-inspired flavor based on Grimaldi’s in NewYork, and a chile relleno-related flavor, inspired by Cocina Azul in Alburquerque.

In addition to the ultimate honor of having a potato chip flavor inspired by your food, all the restaurants in the Flavor Icons series will receive a $25,000 Gratitude Fund, intended to “return the flavor” (lol) and help the restaurants survive the coronavirus shutdown.

No word on whether or not Geno’s will be selling the chips themselves, but they’re available starting today in stores nationally. Let me know if you find them. I’ll be looking.