Where We’re Eating Right Now: Takeout and Delivery Sandwiches in Philly

Looking for a place to get take-out or delivery sandwiches during the pandemic? We've got a few suggestions.

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Things are weird right now. We get that. But since no one can be expected to cook every meal at home during this emergency, we’ve got a list here that might help you out. If you’re looking for a sandwich joint that does delivery or takeout, that offers a product that travels well and is, of course, delicious, we’ve got some suggestions. Because these are the takeout and delivery sandwich options that we’re living on right now, so maybe you can, too.


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Cafe Nhan, West Passyunk
Most people order the pho at Cafe Nhan — which is totally fair. Cafe Nhan’s pho is great. And their banh mi? Right up there with the pho for some of the best Vietnamese comfort foods in Philly. The classic sandwiches are great, but give the banh mi xiu mai a try (pork meatballs in tomato soup served with bread), or the build-your-own curry banh mi. Call for delivery 


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Middle Child, Washington Square West
Suffering from hoagie withdrawal? Yeah, we were, too. Then we remembered the So Long, Sal at Middle Child AND realized that Middle Child had pivoted to a full pick-up-and-delivery model — which meant we could get one of these awesome salami, prosciutto and cotto hoagies with artichoke, arugula and sharp provolone for our very own. Bonus: Middle Child is also delivering pickles, chips, cold brew and gluten-free bread for those who need it. Available for pick-up or delivery


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El Tortas & Tacos California, Bella Vista
There are plenty of places in South Philly to get a torta, one of the great overstuffed street sandwiches of the world. But few spots build them — meaning no spillage when you bite, super crispy chicken cutlets, the toppings distributed evenly— as perfectly as Tacos California.  Available on Caviar


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Porco’s Porchetteria, Southwest Philly
Porco’s was already well-placed for the kind of situation we find ourselves in right now: Even before the pandemic, it existed as a walk-up window selling big sandwiches next to the Small Oven pastry shop. These days, both Small Oven and Porco’s are doing take-out and delivery, but for the purposes of this list, we’re solely concerned with sandwiches. In particular, with the OG — the house-special porchetta sandwich with cracklins and jus. Also, if you’re looking for a meatball sandwich, you could do worse than the hand-rolled balls on house-made ciabatta. Both sound good? Cool, then go for the “Eats and Sweets” pack, which is two sandwiches and a 4-pack of cold pastries for just $35. Available for take-out or delivery via Caviar


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Puyero, Bella Vista
Puyero is doing it’s own thing these days. It’s still supplying Venezuelan food to the neighbors, sure, but in a different way. Since we all started quarantining, they’ve altered the menu so that it’s made for serving families: offering small and large meal kits, including fresh arepas, proteins (shredded beef, chicken or pork) and sides. You can tack on desserts (the tres leches seems to sell out consistently) and huge orders of fried plantains (which you should absolutely do), and while Puyero is offering Wednesday-Friday pick-up  for those close by, there’s also a delivery service. Each day, they hit a different collection of neighborhoods and do their own deliveries. Check out the website for details. Available for take-out and delivery


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Woodrow’s, Washington Square West
At this moment in time, Woodrow’s is like a restaurant fantasy — a place that specializes in big, sloppy, awesome sandwiches that someone will bring right to your door. The Cuban is a dream. The pretzel fried chicken with honey mustard and pickles is good for what ails you. And the grilled cheese (with parmesan herb crust, American and taleggio cheese, sliced pears and prosciutto) should almost be illegal. Available via Caviar


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Mike’s BBQ, South Philly
The brisket cheesesteak from Mike’s (with Cooper Sharp wiz and fried onions) is one of those things that’ll make quarantine bearable. Order two, because Mike’s is currently only operating on Saturdays and Sundays (for curbside and delivery), and planning ahead for the next week is a bold act of hope in these ridiculous times. Reserve your order here