The Former Industry Bar Space in Pennsport Is Finally Getting a New Tenant

The once-popular neighborhood bar will become a bakery and bruncherie.

When The Industry Bar in Pennsport closed its doors for good almost exactly two years ago, we thought surely someone would step in a take over that space quickly. Instead, the space has sat empty, waiting for someone to transform its potential.

Philadelphia-based real estate broker Bo Liu recently signed a lease for the space, which will become a bakery and bruncherie called Cake & Joe. MSC Retail’s Jacob Cooper brokered the deal. All we know is based on a brief e-mail from Liu, who says he and his wife “want to open up a place that can serve the community, make a place that people can be relaxed in.” He also says they are doing alterations to the storefront and the kitchen, so no word yet on when they’ll open to the public.

Construction has not begun yet, but the window of the space sports a poster advertising Cake & Joe’s imminent arrival.