Weckerly’s Is Getting a Bunch of Philly Chefs to Design Their Own Ice Cream Sandwiches

A yearlong collaboration series at Weckerly's starts this week with Pat O'Malley from Hungry Pigeon.

Courtesy of Weckerly’s

If you thought ice cream season was over, think again. Starting October 18th, Weckerly’s will debut a limited run of ice cream sandwiches and scoops of ‘pardon rye French’, a collaboration between Pat O’Malley, co-owner and pastry chef at Hungry Pigeon, and Weckerly’s co-owner and pastry chef Jen Satinsky.

The sandwich is part of a collaboration that will run through the next 12 months, featuring flavors and sandwiches designed by chefs like Nok Suntaranon and My-Le Vuong, chef-owners of Kalaya Thai Kitchen and Camille Cogswell, pastry chef of Zahav and executive chef of K’Far. The next flavor will come in mid-December from Middle Child’s Matt Cahn, followed by one from Jon Nodler and Samantha Kincaid, chef-owners of CadenceTova du Plessis, chef-owner of Essen Bakery will release a Passover-inspired flavor on Wednesday, April 8th.

Pardon rye French is a creme fraiche ice cream base scattered with cream candy inspired by the flavor of fromage blanc and sandwiched between a rye shortbread cookie slathered with Concord grape jam. The sandwiches and scoops will be available on a limited basis and will benefit The Fund for the School District of Philadelphia.