Yes, You Can Get Great Wine Made in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Here Are the 5 Best.

It’s time to start taking wines from our region seriously. Everyone else is.

pennsylvania wines

New Jersey Pennsylvania wines are definitely worth checking out. Illustration by Sunny Eckerle

It’s time to start taking Pennsylvania and New Jersey wines seriously — because everyone else is. Here, the best products coming from local makers

Orange Wine: Va La Vineyards

La Prima Donna is a perfect gateway drug to the world of orange wines — not too dank, unexpected, and with all the complexity of wines from better-known producers. 8820 Gap Newport Pike, Avondale.

Rosé: Amalthea Cellars

The Leda Rosé is Tavel-style — meaning it kindasorta drinks like a red. Meaning it’s just as good with meats as with oysters. Meaning it’s perfect for summer and winter. 209 Vineyard Road, Atco.

Red Wine: White Horse Winery

Chambourcin is an obscure varietal, so here’s all you need to know: It’s good party wine, like a juicy pinot noir. And it’ll work with anything you’re serving for dinner. 106 Hall Street, Hammonton.

Chardonnay: Karamoor Estate

Bright, easy, glug-able, with the slightest bit of oak for depth — because we’re quite done with overly oaked chardonnays, thank you very much. 40 East Skippack Pike, Fort Washington.

Grüner Veltliner: Galen Glen Winery

A little bit bubbly, a little bit zingy, and a lot bit perfect in the August heat. 255 Winter Mountain Drive, Andreas.

Published as “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” in the August 2019 issue of Philadelphia magazine.