5 Philly Beers Perfect For Warm Weather Drinking

Summer's on its way, and we want you to be prepared.

philadelphia summer beers

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Spring is here — which means it’s time to swap out brawny, robust brews in favor of bright, crisp, summer beers perfect for a lazy day at the beach or your next back patio grillout. Here are five of our favorite local beers, from clean-finishing Pilsners to hybrid sout-IPAs, for all your warm-weather sipping.

Summer Crush, Yards Brewing Company
Yards made its name with bold, robust beers like its Philadelphia Pale Ale and Brawler — but as the name suggests, this new-for-2019 release was formulated to be smooth and refreshing for warm-weather drinking. Its wheat beer base is livened up with orange and lime zest for a citrusy zing that’s perfect for summer.

SeaQuench Ale, Dogfish Head
This tangy, briny, Delaware-made session sour is quite possibly the perfect beach beer: a touch of black lime adds brightness and bitterness, while Atlantic Coast-sourced sea salt balances flavors in this clean-finishing sip. It’s ideal to pair with slices of melon at the shore, grilled chicken or fish at your next cookout, or rich, savory carnitas at your favorite BYO taco spot.

Brewers Cut, Tonewood Brewing
The greater craft beer scene has begun a welcome shift from its long all hops, all the time phase towards bright, fruity, and funky flavors that styles like saisons, sours, and goses are known for. But there’s still something to be said for the crispness of a straightforward Pilsner balanced with just the right amount of juicy hop flavor — and that’s what Oaklyn-based Tonewood is going for with this grassy, clean-drinking brew.

Todas Las Limas, Brewery Ars
Love mojitos, but also love beer? Compromise with this new release from the West Passyunk brewery — its name translates to “all the limes.” This pale ale is brewed with flaked corn for a flavor that’s less malty and milder, then juiced up with tropical Mouteka hops. The brew gets conditioned on lime peels, then dry-hopped for more citrusy, floral flavor with Citra and Loral hops, all the better to refresh you with.

Pure Phase, Fermentery Form
The wort wizards at this semi-secret Fishtown brewery specialize in sours, but this collaborative batch — produced at Crime & Punishment in Brewerytown before heading back to Form for aging — combines their farmhouse sensibilities with IPA punch. Pure Phase gets a dose of whirlpool hops just after the brew, then gets heavily dry-hopped with Barbe Rouge to add a delicate, floral flavor. Taste for summer fruits like melon, lime, and lychee while you’re chilling with a cold one on your porch or patio.