ReAnimator Coffee in Kensington to Add a Pizzeria and Natural Wine Bar

Naturally leavened pizzas, natural wine and plates to share, coming to Kensington this fall.

Photo provided by ReAnimator Coffee

Mark Corpus and Mark Capriotti, the coffee mavens behind the ReAnimator Coffee brand (a local coffee roaster with three cafe locations in Philly — four when you include their piece of Res Ipsa), are expanding into the space next door to their Kensington production facility and cafe at 310 West Master Street with a pizzeria and wine bar concept.

Capriotti tells me that they’re knocking down a wall that separates the two spaces, adding a 35 seat dining room and counter, plus a wood-fire oven. They’ve got a pizza and pastry guy, too, but declined to reveal his name.

ReAnimator’s daytime operations will remain the same: nice coffee, counter service, pastries — but with a newly built out kitchen, they’ll get to expand the menu a bit with grab-and-go items and homemade breads. At night, it’ll go full pizzeria/wine bar (operating under a different name that hasn’t yet been decided), much the same way Res Ipsa shape-shifts after 5 p.m, except it’ll have a separate entrance. Naturally leavened pizzas, natural wines (picked and priced with “approachability and affordability” in mind) and plates meant for sharing will make up the brunt of menu. And because wine and pizza is better shared among friends, they’re aiming to accommodate bigger groups and encourage bottle sales.

They’re still about six to nine months out. We’ll keep you updated.