Musi BYOB in Pennsport Has a Menu and an Opening Date

Check out the menu at chef Ari Miller's new restaurant on South Front Street, debuting next week.

musi byob menu philadelphia pennsport

Musi | Photo by Ari Kushner

When chef Ari Miller announced he’d be opening Musi, his own BYO, in Pennsport, it wasn’t exactly clear what kind of food the place would serve.

The name referenced Miller’s fishmonger from his Tel Aviv days — maybe it would be Israeli fare? Looking to his resume, which includes spots as varied as High Street on Market, Percy Street Barbecue, Watkins Drinkery, Lost Bread Co., and his own FrizWit cheesesteak pop-ups, didn’t really give us any clues. All we knew was that the “relationship cuisine,” as he calls it, that’s become his signature would involve a lot of ingredients sourced from local producers and Miller’s other food artisan and farmer friends.

Now, Musi has an official opening date — Friday, February 8th — and an opening menu. There are clear Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences, remixed New American style, but we’re mostly just psyched to see soft pretzels, malabi custard, aspic, and beef heart all coming out of one kitchen.

Check out Musi’s opening menu below (click to embiggen), and make your reservations here.

musi menu philadelphia byob pennsport south