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Philly’s 50 Best Restaurants: Shaking It Up for 2019

With the new year upon us, we've gone and given our ranking of the 50 best restaurants in Philadelphia a major refresh. And yes, that means a new #1...

Photo by Michael Persico

We made it. We’re at the bitter end of 2018, full and happy.

We ate well this year, as evidenced by our 50 Best restaurants list. Winter, spring, summer and fall, we saw all kinds of movement — big additions, tragic losses; some restaurants climbed, some fell. All in all, though, the spots that made the cut each season were the restaurants committed to making a difference in this scene, this town.

A town, which by the way, still loves itself some fast-casual dining — or, really, casual dining in general. Boundary-pushing prix fixe menus are great and all, but eating well in Philly means sharing and grabbing; family-style and quick serve. A single Hamilton will get you some of the best meals in the city, sitting at a bar, inside a tiny taqueria, at the counter. You’ll notice a bit more of that on the list this time around.

In fact, just so we’re ringing in the New Year right, we gave the list a pretty major overhaul. A fresh start. Hungry Pigeon — which held the #1 spot for, what, a year and half at this point? — has been relieved of its #1 duties.

New Year, new us, right?

So, go ahead and take a peek at the best new restaurants in Philly right now. Find comfort in it. Because if this list is at all indicative of what 2019 might bring, it looks like we’ve got a good year ahead of us. At least in eating.

Better start making your reservations now.