Philly Got Shafted in Bon Appétit’s 2018 Best New Restaurants List

No one likes us, we don't care.

Suraya | Photo by Michael Persico

When Bon Appétit turned its gaze on Philly a few years ago, it felt like the rest of the world was finally starting to recognize how delicious and dynamic the city’s food scene is — and blow up lines and cause sellouts at darlings like Pizzeria Beddia and Philly Style Bagels in the process.

Over the past few years, a handful of newly-opened Philly restaurants have been nominated to the mag’s Top 50 Best New Restaurants list, with at least one making the final Hot 10. In 2016, South Philly Barbacoa made the short list. Last year, in an ironic twist, Palizzi Social Club made the Hot 10 and promptly stopped selling memberships due to the spike in demand.

This year, we were excited to see some of our favorite new spots get nominated. We were rooting for Cadence, with its meticulous, inventive take on seasonal cuisine; Collingswood’s fiery Hearthside; and, of course, the universally beloved Suraya.

Well, Bon Appétit’s editors announced 2018’s Hot 10 today. Apparently, Philly’s best new restaurants just weren’t good enough for them this year.

We’re bummed for the folks behind the amazing concepts that didn’t make the cut. But you you know what? From a diner’s perspective, we’re fine with it. Shorter lines, more reservation slots, and fewer Brooklynites for us to deal with.