George Sabatino Is Out at Rooster Soup Company

The chef lasted a little over five months at Michael Solomonov and Steve Cook's Center City diner.

George Sabatino | Photo by Michael Persico

Back in February, George Sabatino was handed the keys to the kitchen at Rooster Soup Co., CookNSolo’s philanthropic diner in Center City.

He had just split from his own restaurant, Aldine (which eventually shuttered in April). And together, Michael Solomonov, Steve Cook and Sabatino promised us all the same things they promised us at Rooster’s launch — fun, elevated diner fare — except with the addition of Sabatino, a new focus on local and responsible sourcing, a bigger, more interesting pantry, and cool dinner specials, too. Basically, a fresh take for an otherwise really wonderful, relatively new concept.

As of this weekend, Sabatino is no longer at Rooster Soup Co. In fact, he’s left the restaurant group entirely.

In a statement, Solomonov and Cook said, “We’re so thankful for the opportunity to work with such a talented chef.  He did so much for Rooster’s culture and he’s moving on to his next challenge.”

“I’m super grateful to Mike, Steve and CookNSolo for my experiences at Rooster Soup,” Sabatino tells Philly Mag. “It’s been a uniquely rewarding gig to be able to contribute to helping people who really need it and connect people across this great city. I have nothing but love for team Rooster, they all work really hard and truly get it.”

As for what’s next for the chef, he says he’s not too sure. Dude’s a talent, though, so there’s no doubt that he’ll land on his feet. Again.

With all that said, the CookNSolo team also teased out a little something-something for all of us following along:

“We have some exciting new things up our sleeve for Rooster – so stay tuned.”