Plenty Is Now Serving House-Made Pasta in Queen Village

The all-day cafe has a new menu that really rounds out its European trattoria vibe.

Casarecce with pesto | Photo courtesy of Plenty Cafe

Plenty Cafe, Philly’s own European-inspired all-day bistro, has made a pretty serious upgrade to its evening menu.

In addition to breakfast treats and coffee, lunch fare like soups, salads and sandwiches, and entrees built around locally-sourced proteins, they’ve added something new at their Queen Village location: fresh pasta.

And this isn’t just any fresh pasta: as with just about everything at Plenty, it’ll be produced in-house, made fresh each day by hand or on the cafe’s shiny new extruder from Lancaster-based pasta machine makers Arcobaleno.

Mint agnolotti with braised lamb | Photo courtesy of Plenty Cafe

Spaghetti alla chitarra | Photo courtesy of Plenty Cafe

Rigatoni with sausage and tomato ragu | Photo courtesy of Plenty Cafe

The Queen Village cafe has added several shapes, from spaghetti alla chitarra prepared cacio e pepe style with pecorino and black pepper to rigatoni with a sausage ragu and shishito peppers.

Check out the full menu below (click to embiggen).