Philly’s Best Jewish Bakery Just Upped Its Bagel Game

Essen Bakery has answered all our prayers by serving their New York-style bagels every day.

Essen Bakery/Facebook

East Passyunk’s Essen Bakery just celebrated its second birthday over the weekend — an important milestone for any food business.

The Best of Philly-winning Jewish bakery, helmed by owner Tova du Plessis, is kicking its third year off with another big change: now, they’re selling their amazing bagels six days a week.

Du Plessis and her crew make a New York-style bagel with a twist, boosting the dough with sourdough starter and a touch of rye flour. Previously, the coveted bagels were only available on Thursdays — but now, you can get them at the bakery Tuesday through Sunday in plain, poppyseed, sesame, and everything.

Essen will also be serving bagel sandwiches alongside their seasonal sandwiches and toasts — with house-made schmears, too. Check out the menu below.