Lost Bread Co.’s Retail Bakery and Cafe Is About to Open

The Alex Bois-helmed bakery will be open to the public on weekends.

Lost Bread Co./Facebook

Since Lost Bread Co. set up shop in a warehouse space in Kensington (1313 North Howard Street), baker Alex Bois has been hinting at a cafe-like retail setup in the production bakery for a while now. Next weekend, they’re opening the space to the public.

The bakery will open starting on Saturday, April 14th at 10 a.m., weekends only.

On Friday evenings, they’ll  serve “fatbreads,” deep-dish focaccia with toppings, plus sides featuring Heritage Farm veggies, pastries, and beverages like ReAnimator coffee from 5 p.m. until 10 p.m.

On Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m., they’ll serve their crispy egg pocket sandwich, a runny egg with bacon sandwiched in pancake batter, plus the full pastry and beverage menu all day or until sellout.

The space will also sell Lost Bread’s full slate of retail loaves, buns, soft pretzels, pastries, and pretzel shortbread cookies, plus pantry goodies like emmer gnocchi, roasted seed granola, and freshly milled local flour. Customers can also pick up free sourdough starter, no purchase necessary.

Check out the full menu below.

Lost Bread Co. Menu


Slice + Veg $6
A slice of ‘fatbread’ pizza (1-2 daily offerings) with seasonal vegetable side.

Plain $3.5
Fresh milled spelt and smoked barley flours lend a note of smoldering fresh hay. Baked with nutty unrefined sunflower oil from Susquehanna Mills.
Garlic Herb $4
Topped with garlic confit, roasted garlic oil and herbs.
Olive Citrus $4.5
Featuring a mix of olives, citrus and herbs that change seasonally.

Selections may include:
Napa cabbage, Granny Smith apple, radish with tahini-yogurt-umeboshi dressing
Fennel citrus cilantro slaw with olive oil
Miso Caesar salad
Bitter greens with Benton’s smoked country bacon
Baba ghanoush

ReAnimator hot & cold drip coffee ($2.5), with the occasional guest producer
Iced Mountain Mint Tea
Iced Roasted Barley tea

Croissant (plain, chocolate and seasonal) $3.5 plain $4 chocolate $4.5 seasonal
Kouign Amann (Malted Buckwheat) $4.5
Wild Rice Maple Tahini Bar $4
Puffed wild rice, maple and tahini. Vegan by accident.

Saturday and Sunday

Crispy egg pocket ($4)
Full pastry menu, all day or until sellout