Scarpetta Is Making a Vodka-Everything Pizza and We’re Not Sure Why

Vodka sauce is one thing. But vodka ricotta?

Vodka Pizza | Photo courtesy of Scarpetta

The idea of topping your pizza with rosy, cream- and vodka-infused tomato sauce rather than the traditional marinara sounds like a tasty way to make a pie.

But why stop there? Why not include alcohol in every ingredient of your ‘za — including the cheese?

The folks at Philly’s location of fine dining chain Scarpetta and Kensington-made Stateside Vodka have done just that with their vodka-infused pizza.

In addition to spiking the sauce, they’re adding vodka to the dough (okay fine, that’s something people do with pie crust) and infusing their ricotta cheese with the spirit (I…they…what?). The sun-dried tomatoes, at least, appear to have been spared.

We’re not sure exactly why this bothers us. Maybe it’s because all that precious alcohol will be burned off during cooking. Maybe because, of all the things you could infuse cheese with (or all the cheese you could infuse booze with), the idea of vodka and ricotta together makes us sort of want to barf.

Hell, the pizza is probably delicious, drunken ricotta aside — a few minutes in an 800-degree oven is bound to smooth out any weirdness there.

And who am I to tell you, when several inches of snow are falling on the second day of spring, that you should go easy on the booze?