What to Eat This Weekend: A Little Good, a Little Bad, a Little Something Else

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It’s been a long couple weeks, hasn’t it? Between the Super Bowl, the parade and whatever else you did in between, I’m guessing you consumed more than your fair share of chicken wings, pizza, roast pork and beer.

When you have a week like that, you gotta make a choice. Are you going to try to turn things around and get back on the straight-and-narrow? Or are you just going to lean into your debauchery and keep it rolling? We’ve got suggestions for both kinds of people.

If You’re Looking to Repent Your Evil Ways…

For Those Who’d Prefer To Keep On Sinning…

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  2. Pure Fare: https://www.facebook.com/Pure-Fare-152063694830816/
  3. V Street: http://vstreetfood.com/
  4. a list of all the best places to eat pho right now: https://www.phillymag.com/foobooz/2017/12/01/best-pho-philly/
  5. Redcrest Fried Chicken: https://www.phillymag.com/foobooz/2017/06/28/redcrest-fried-chicken-adam-volk-east-passyunk/
  6. Danlu is launching their new brunch on Sunday: https://www.phillymag.com/foobooz/2018/02/09/danlu-brunch-university-city/
  7. Ratchada: http://www.ratchadathailaos.com/
  8. Cake Life Bake Shop in Fishtown is offering a class in erotic cookie decorating: https://www.phillymag.com/foobooz/2018/02/09/danlu-brunch-university-city/

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