What to Eat This Weekend: A Little Something Before the Big Game

Everything you need to know about Super Bowl eating (and drinking) in Philly this weekend.

Eagles Super Bowl Milkshake at Craftsman Row Saloon

Okay, let’s just be honest here. The only thing that matters to a lot of people in Philly this weekend is the Super Bowl. And we have done a LOT of writing about how Philly’s bar and restaurant community will be handling the big day.

So you have to ask yourself a question: Are you one of the people who is planning your entire weekend around the Super Bowl? Or are you not. If you are, then this list is absolutely for you. It’s a collection of all the best intelligence we have regarding eating and drinking during the big game in Philly.

18 Green Foods to Eat so That the Eagles Win the Super Bowl

This is how you show your pride, Philly. By eating green donuts and kale dip! Because they’re green, get it? And the Eagles wear green! GREEN GREEN GREEN!

(Seriously, though, those donuts from FedNuts look pretty damn good.)

Philly Super Bowl Take Out That Isn’t Just Pizza and Wings

Anyone can have some pizzas and a couple dozen wings delivered ahead of kick-off. Want to really throw a memorable Super Bowl party? Get fried chicken, Hawaiian food, a massive sandwich tray, or a whole pig.

Where to Watch the Eagles Win the Super Bowl

Sure, you could just hit your neighborhood bar. But did you know that post-apocalyptic theme restaurant Mad Rex is showing the game? Did you know that the Lodge at Winterfest is showing it on two HUGE screens? That Dock Street is pre-gaming with the Puppy Bowl or that Clarkville is a great spot for family-friendly public viewing?

Super Bowl Recipes from Philly’s Top Chefs

Staying close to home this weekend? Feel like cooking something? Cool, because we’ve got recipes from some of the hottest chefs in the city. These are their go-to favorites, so whether you’re looking for something like Nick Elmi’s Buffalo crab dip, Rich Landau’s pho-inspired Eagles onion dip, or something not at all dip-related, like Peter Serpico’s Korean chicken wings, this is the place to look.

And finally…

What if you’re not planning on watching the game at all? What if you simply could not care less about the Eagles beating the Patriots the way the Patriots deserve to be beaten? Well then, friend, you might be having an even better weekend than the rest of us. Because seriously, if there’s ever been a restaurant you wanted to go to, but haven’t because it’s too busy, reservations are never available, et cetera, this Sunday is your day. It’s like going to the movies on Christmas Day or the DMV on a Monday. If there’s a restaurant that’s open on Sunday in Philly that DOESN’T have several large screen TV’s, I’m guessing you’re going to have your pick of seats.

And you know what? The chefs and owners of those places are going to be very happy to see you.