The Dutch Will Now Be Open on Mondays, Just in Time for Your Super Bowl Hangover

They're starting service this Monday, February 5th.

The Dutch/Facebook

The Dutch will now be open on Mondays — starting on February 5th, just in time to nurse your post-Super Bowl party hangover.

Going into its third year, Lee Styer and Joncarl Lachman’s Pennsylvania Dutch-meets-actual-Dutch breakfast and lunch spot will also see some healthier additions to its menu, like a yogurt and granola parfait with fresh fruit and an egg white omelet with avocado and spinach.

And on Mondays, Lachman himself will be manning the griddle. He plans to introduce more Amsterdam-style breakfast specials on Mondays going forward.

Head to The Dutch on Mondays from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m.