Of Course Keen Is Throwing a Party for the Super Blue Blood Moon

The Graduate Hospital spot with a mystical vibe is celebrating the rare celestial event this Tuesday, January 30th.

Photo courtesy of Keen

With its gnarled handmade driftwood furnishings and naturalistic chandeliers, Keen looks like it was designed by a wizard.

So it makes sense that the long-awaited restaurant and bar at 17th and Lombard, which took over the former home of the legendary Astral Plane back in November, would host a somewhat woo-woo celebration in honor of this ultra-rare lunar event, complete with face-painting and tarot card readings.

Early on the morning of January 31st, we’ll see a super moon (giant), a blood moon (red), a blue moon (that’s two full moons in one calendar month), a confluence that only happens every 256 years. On top of that, there will be a lunar eclipse, when the moon passes through Earth’s shadow. So naturally, there are food and drink specials.

Keen will mark the occasion on Tuesday, January 30th with $2 champagne Jell-O shots, $15 buckets of Miller High Life (for its Girl in the Moon label), $30 bottles of rosé and sparkling wine, plus a cocktail called Blood Moon, made with Aperol, infused tequila, blood orange and Brut Rosé for $9.

Food-wise, they’ll will serve arancini-like Moon Balls, made with risotto and root veggies that are fried and served with celery and sage pesto. At the upstairs, bar, they’ll dim the lights and play “celestial” music. Guests can get their faces done up in neon paint for free or get their cards read by Reiki master and artist Mackenzie Flynn for $15.

The witchy festivities will go from 7 p.m. until 2 a.m. tomorrow, January 30th.