D.C.’s Fancy Radish Is What Happens When Philly’s Best Veggie Restaurants Make a Baby

Remember when Foobooz told you about Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby’s Washington D.C. expansion? That they would be recreating their Rittenhouse street food cocktail bar, V Street, in the nation’s capital? Well, those plans have changed, according to the Washington Post.

See, D.C. already has a V Street — an actual street named V Street. So as to avoid any confusion (plus, Landau says that they didn’t want to be limited by the V Street model: “Vedge has a larger draw and more approachable concept. We didn’t want to not be able to put a dish on the menu because it wasn’t street food.”), they decided to go in a different direction with a new name and everything: Fancy Radish, after Vedge’s signature menu item.

Landau calls it a “Vedge/V Street crossover” — a restaurant that will pull some of the greatest hits from both restaurants, like a one-stop, 60-seat shop for vegan dan dan noodles and those ugly-beautiful carrots you can’t not order when you go to Vedge.

It’s slated to open in February, for those of you who travel for food.

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