There’s a Surprise Seafood Ramen Pop-Up at Little Fish

And it is happening right now.

Little Fish is a tiny restaurant — 22 seats if you’re not counting the couple tables they sometimes throw outside when the weather is good. It has a tiny little kitchen and a small staff, but big inspirations. My favorite thing about the place when I reviewed it back when the weather was nicer? The fact that they don’t act like a small restaurant. They cook like they’ve got all the space and all the resources in the world.

You know what you don’t do when you’ve got a really small restaurant? Pop-ups. Because how are you going to find the space? Because where are you going to find the time for testing dishes and experimenting?

Chef Alex Yoon and his team don’t care. He figured, why not? He and his guys have been messing with some seafood ramen recipes lately. “Dabbling” is the word he actually uses. But yesterday, they just decided to go for it. Throw a couple dishes on the menu and see what happens. And their seafood ramen pop-up is happening right now.

So here’s the deal: They’ve got two seafood-specific ramen soups on the board — a black cod shoyu and a scallop miso. Both of them are going for $13. Then there are fried chicken wings with garlic and ginger glaze. Those’ll run you $11 per order. And they just started selling them today at 1pm.

Yoon has no idea how this is going to go, but they’re going to keep selling their ramens and their wings today until they run out. And while I have no idea how good they are, I’m willing to bet that these seafood specialists in their tiny kitchen with their menu that changes day-to-day wouldn’t have decided to do this if they didn’t know they had something special. Because that’s one thing that small restaurants are good at — editing.

When you’re short on space, you don’t do anything that isn’t awesome.