For the First Time Ever, Brunch at Fond

Place has been open since 2009, but just now they're figuring out people like waffles?

Bloody mary at Fond

So here’s the thing I don’t get. Lee Styer, the chef at Fond? He seems like a pretty bright guy. And his wife, Jesse Prawlucki, is a very good pastry chef. Styer has a good restaurant, he already co-owns a very successful brunch spot a few blocks away. And for a while, Prawlucki even had her own bakery. But you know the one thing they never did at Fond?

Serve brunch.

Which is crazy, right? I mean, brunch in Philly? That’s like printing money. A few pastries, some oysters, a creative plate of pancakes or something and you’re gold. Add some mimosas and a couple different bloodies and the day-drinking, pancake-loving, no-reason-to-be-up-before-11-on-a-Sunday crowd will line up to throw their credit cards at you.

But Fond never did brunch. At least not until now.

This coming Sunday, January 14th, everything changes. Fond will ease into the extra service with a Sundays-only brunch that’ll run from 10am to 2pm. Prawlucki will be handling the baking, providing scones and cinnamon rolls and the like. There’ll be an “endless bloody mary bar” (which seems physically unlikely, but whatever), the requisite mimosas, selections from the raw bar, and more, too.

Want to see the menu? Of course you do: