Where to Eat This Weekend: Cold Everywhere But Here

This weekend is going to be brutal. But if you just have to get out of the house, we have some suggestions for where to make dinner really count.

Have you been outside? It is nasty out there — cold and windy and just awful. And the rest of the weekend isn’t looking like it’s going to be much better.

For those of you who’ve already given up and are just refusing to leave the house at all, we’ve already put together a list of all of our favorite delivery foods. But some of us are built of hardier stuff, right? Some of us are willing to brave the cold, the wind, the ice and the snow (or are just going a little crazy already with cabin fever) and go out into the world in search of delicious things to eat.

It is for those brave souls that we have assembled this collection of restaurants that will make your trip worth it–and will warm you up once you get there.

Hot Chocolate

This one is simple. Earlier in the week, we sat down and came up with all the best places in the city to get hot chocolate. Best way to use this list? Find your house on a map, then find a restaurant you really want to go to, then find a hot chocolate place that’s about halfway between the two so you can warm up on your way.

Lots of Noodles

Nan Zhou Hand-Drawn Noodle House is one of those places that’s absolutely worth risking frostbite for. They have like 10,000 different kinds of soup on the menu, all made with their hand-drawn and shaved noodles. Any one of them will warm you from the inside, but the roast duck and the braised sliced beef noodle soups are always winners.

Hot Cheese Cures Everything

On Sunday, The Good King does a whole Savoie-style special based around French raclette over salt potatoes and ham. There is literally nothing that will keep you going in sub-zero temperatures better than a belly full of hot cheese, potatoes and ham, so consider this one more a survival tip than a mere restaurant suggestion. And the best thing? It’ll only run you about $17.

All About the Heat

There is almost nothing on the menu at Khmer Kitchen in South Philly that won’t make you sweat. And honestly, I can’t even remember what it feels like to sweat. Just remember that it’s cash-only, so bring your folding money.

And Finally, Some Pizza

We like the pizzas at Bufad, but that’s not why we’re suggesting you all gather there this weekend. Really, it’s because the wood oven there will keep the place at about a million degrees no matter how cold it gets outside. So whether you’re having the scamorza, some meatballs, pizzas covered with long hots and chile oil, or just some burratta and antipasti, at least you know it’ll feel like summer in Italy inside.