The Ugly Duckling Shutters in Washington Square West

Four months after opening, 11th Street's comfort food restaurant closed over the holidays.

Photo by Alex Jones

The Ugly Duckling, the liquor-licensed, Center City version of Northeast Philly’s Blue Duck, has closed after just four months in Washington Square West.

It was a rough go for the Ugly Duckling right from the start. The restaurant took way longer to open than expected, and about a month after it opened, Kris Serviss, the chef and face of Blue Duck, Blue Duck on Broad, and Ugly Duckling, was ousted from all three of his kitchens.

Did Serviss’s departure have an effect on business? Not according to owner Joe Callahan: “It was slow from the get-go. Kris [not being there] had no impact.”

Meanwhile, both Blue Ducks will stay open and remain a primary focus for Callahan and his crew.