Eat This Now: A Fermentery Form Collaboration Cheese at Di Bruno Bros.

They've teamed up with Jasper Hill Farm to make a limited-edition beer-washed cheese.

Remember a couple weeks ago when we told you about Fermentery Form, that tiny, hidden sour beer Nirvana in Kensington? Yeah, well here’s a little something that Form’s Ethan Tripp neglected to tell me.

Form recently did a collaboration cheese with Vermont’s Jasper Hill Farm–one of the best cheesemakers around. And it is for sale right now at Di Bruno Bros.

So here’s how this all shakes out. Jasper Hill produces this cheese called Harbison. It was named America’s Best Cheese a couple years back, and is a soft, spoonable cheese which, early in its life, is wrapped with the inner bark from spruce trees grown on the property. In its pure form, it is a woody, sweet cheese with a kind of lemon-y, vegetable-y flavor. And you know what it pairs really well with? Sour beers.

The cheese gurus at Di Bruno already knew all this. Then they got to thinking, hey, you know what we should do…?

They contacted Form to get a bunch of the brewery’s Soft–a Belgian wit, fermented in Form’s solera with their own yeast, then aged and spiked with orange, coriander and chamomile. They then had the crew at Jasper Hill wash 50 wheels of their Harbison with the Soft, making a delicious combination of all the flavors and a perfect cheese for beer pairing.

Jasper Hill has said it’s the best washed batch they’ve ever tasted. The Di Bruno crew agrees. And you can try it for yourself right now, but you’ll have to hurry. This is a one-time-only, limited-edition cheese. And once it’s gone, it is GONE.

Seriously, what are you waiting for. Leave now. Buy as much as you can carry.