The First Rule of Beer Club…

The Bottle Shop at Local 44 has a new monthly beer subscription program.

Local 44 has a new program running through their bottle shop, and it’s the perfect gift for the beer nerd in your life. Or for yourself, if you’re comfortable with that sort of self-love.

They’re calling it Beer Club, and it’s a monthly subscription service that offers a curated six-pack of seasonal beer available every month just for those enrolled. Here’s how it all works.

First, you have to go check out the Beer Club page at Local 44. That’s where you get to decide how long you want your subscription to run, with 3, 6 and 12-month options available. Important note for gift givers: Your subscription will start in the month following sign-up, so if you’re thinking of doing this as a Christmas gift for someone, you gotta sign up now.

After that, you just head down to Local 44 on the first Wednesday of every month between noon and midnight and your subscription sixer will be waiting for you. Bring an ID because everything is organized by name and the subscription beer will only be released to the person who ordered the beer, or the person designated as the gift recipient.

There’s no telling what will be in any six-pack–only that it will be unusual and special. But here’s a rough idea of what’s on tap (see what I did there?) for the next three months:

January 2017: A selection of quintessential styles… beers that truly define their style
February 2017: Get to know your Trappists! A walk through our favorites brewed by Trappist monks.
March 2017: Intro to Sours… the best of today and the past.

Beer Club is up and running right now, and will be available all throughout the year.