Have an Early (Or Late) Venezuelan Thanksgiving at Puyero

Inspired by Thanksgiving leftovers, the crew from Puyero are rolling out a special, limited-time Venezuelan holiday fusion menu.

Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated in Venezuela. But Gil and Simon Arends and Manuela Villasmil from Puyero Venezuelan Flavor aren’t letting that stop them from putting together another special menu of American-Venezuelan mash-ups, this time inspired by Thanksgiving leftovers.

It all starts with Turkey Day Cachapa–a traditional sweet corn pancake folded around turkey, gravy and mozzarella, served with a side of cranberry sauce. The idea is to take what would be leftovers from a big American Thanksgiving dinner and use them the way a Venezuelan cook would–turning them into the kind of easy, quick street foods that Puyero is known for.

So there are also sweet potato arepas stuffed with more turkey and gravy (plus brussels sprouts), some mini-chocolate arepas with cinnamon apples and whipped cream, and Andino hot chocolate.

Here’s what the full menu looks like:

Gobble-Gobble Arepa – Sweet potato stuffed with turkey and gravy, brussel sprouts, and side of cranberry sauce

Turkey Day Cachapa – Sweet corn pancake with turkey and gravy, mozzarella and a side of cranberry sauce

Thanksgiving Chocolate Arepas – 3 chocolate mini arepa stuffed with apple and cinnamon topped with whip cream

Andes Style Hot Chocolate – Thick hot chocolate with a hint of cinnamon

The menu is available now and will continue through Thanksgiving weekend, ending on Sunday, November 26th (though the hot chocolate will be available all winter). Puyero will be closed Thanksgiving Day, but will re-open at 5pm on Black Friday.