Snack on Scorpion Tacos at El Rey Next Week

The Stephen Starr spot is serving authentic dishes with blood, tongue, worms, and more for Dia de Muertos.

Blood sausage | Photo courtesy of El Rey

El Rey is taking advantage of the American tradition of doing spooky stuff on Halloween and serving up a menu of Mexican dishes featuring proteins that are, let’s say, uncommon here in the States next week.

Starting Monday, October 30th and continuing through Halloween week, chef Dionicio Jimenez is offering an a la carte menu of dishes incorporating ingredients that  — while widely consumed in different regions of Mexico — are probably outside of the average American’s comfort zone.

The proteins range from the relatively tame (organ meats, tongue, blood sausage) to insect-based (ants, worms, grasshoppers) to a little unsettling (scorpion — all venom removed, of course). And for dessert, they’re offering hot chocolate and a special Dia de Muertos sweet roll, which contains no arthropods or organ meat.

The menu is available Monday, October 30th through Saturday, November 4th from 5 p.m. until 11 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 5 p.m. until 12 a.m. Friday and Saturday.

Dia de Muertos Menu 2017

Sesos (brain) con salsa de hormiga chicatana $8
Ravioli with chicatana salsa

Lengua (tongue) veracruzana $10
Veracruz style with rice

Morcilla (blood sausage) $10
Sautéed with squid; potato confit and arbol salsa

Corazon (Heart) $9
Taco with manzano salsa

Chilapitas de chinicuiles y chapulines $12
Worms, grasshoppers with corn, cherry tomato and beans

Tacos de mollegas de res $10
Sweetbreads tacos with arriera salsa

Mole de flores con hormiga chicatana y caracoles $14
Ants, snails with mole

Memelitas de insectos $12
Little masa boats with worms, grasshoppers, crawfish

Tuetanos con escamoles $12
Bone marrow with ant larvae

Tacos de caracol $12
Snail tacos with almonds, peanuts, arbol salsa

Tacos de alacran $14
Scorpion tacos with avocado

Pan de Muerto $7
Day of the Dead bread served with champorrado (hot chocolate)

Natitas Oaxaquenas  $6
Oaxacan sugar skulls

El Rey [Foobooz]