WATCH: ESPN Can’t Make a Cheesesteak to Save Its Life

Why does this keep happening?

Add ESPN to the long, long list of media organizations that just cannot get the cheesesteak — arguably, the world’s simplest sandwich — right. 

In anticipation of tonight’s Monday Night Football game against our division rivals down I-95, ESPN tweeted out a 45-second Tasty-style video narrated by John Gruden — “A Taste of Monday Night” — which demonstrated how to make a classic cheesesteak. In the video, an onion was sliced — not diced — and mixed, yet again and again, with green peppers. (How and when did that ever become the nationwide standard?)

We’re throwing flags for the meat choice (thick-cut rib eye strips — fajita-style), the cheese (yellow American and provolone?), and the way they melt that cheese, too (why cover the mixture with a lid when you have a big, splayed-out hoagie roll that does the same trick?).

It’s all garbage. And the Twitter-verse agrees: