Where to Eat This Weekend: A Whole New Thing

Breakfast, lunch and dinner — all covered.

Al pastor at Que Chula es Puebla

We know it can be tough.

The weekend is here. But this city is so full of bars and restaurants that it can sometime be tough to make a choice. And we spend a lot of time here on Foobooz trying to tell you exactly that. We make lists of the 50 Best Restaurants and the 50 Best Bars in the city. We tell you the 32 tacos that you need to eat right now and the all the best breads in the city.

But seriously? Who’s going to go out this weekend and eat 32 tacos? Or drink at 50 bars? (I mean, other than us.) And while big lists are handy because they give a fine overview of the city, sometimes what you need is just one thing — just one place that you need to go right now. One thing that you need to try. One amazing thing that, if you haven’t had it already, should be at the top of your list for the weekend.

Well, the Philly Mag food team got together and came up with suggestions:


You know what you need? A meatball omelette. A meatball omelette. And the only place I know of to get one is at Vincenzo’s Deli in South Philly. It’s a place for straight-up, no-frills diner breakfasts, and if the idea of a meatball omelette doesn’t thrill you quite as much as it does me, they also have lemon ricotta pancakes, which are surprising (in a place that also serves meatball omelettes), but a nice touch.


Out in Lansdale, Stove & Tap serves one of the best sandwiches in the region. It’s smoked brisket on a soft roll with gouda and horseradish, served French dip-style with a side of jus, and it is amazing. The kind of sandwich that’s worth going out of your way for — which is good, because it’s in Lansdale and you probably don’t live in Lansadale. But trust me on this: It’s worth it. And once you’re there, they also have a damn fine cheesesteak spiked with cherry peppers so you should probably get one of those, too. Or maybe two.


You know that big list of tacos I mentioned earlier? Okay, so here’s just one: Shrimp tacos at Que Chula es Puebla at 2nd and Master. If you haven’t been already, you should absolutely check them out.

Oh, and something new, too:

The Cheu Noodle Bar in Fishtown has been open for a couple months now, but they just went through their first menu change. So if you’re hungry for smoked pork dumplings, beet rangoons or duck congee (and who isn’t?), this is your lucky day. They also recently added a happy hour with $12 pitchers of Sapporo, $2 Coors Banquet, $5 snacks from the menu and a buck off all drafts. Happy hour starts at 5pm today, so you should probably just go right now.