50 Best Restaurants in Philadelphia: Fall 2017

With the change of season: a freshly shined list of the city's best restaurants.

Oyster House – Photo by Jason Varney

Back in the beginning of the summer, we updated our 50 Best Restaurants list. And in doing so, we flipped the script on the way we do things around here. Instead of a biennial update (like we used to do), instead of an annual update (like we did between 2014 and 2016), and instead of a biannual update (our most recent method), we promised a seasonal update, because in 2017, in our food scene, everything is seasonal — even our lists.

Which brings us to today, our first fall update.

For the most part, the list is identical to summer’s, with the exception of #48 — the spot once occupied by Opa, Midtown Village’s modern Greek restaurant that, in its time, did some wonderful things for Philly’s Mediterranean restaurant scene. Unfortunately, with the recent loss of its head chef Bobby Saritsoglou, and with its brand new menu, we’ll have to wait and see how things shake out over there before giving them a coveted spot on our list.

So, Oyster House takes its place — a restaurant that never ceases to impress. It’s always packed (for good reason), the happy hour is a blast, and the kitchen is as talented as they come.

Click below for the full Fall 2017 list:

The 50 Best Restaurants in Philadelphia: Fall 2017