Founding Farmers Sets an Opening Date at King of Prussia

The new location will be the biggest yet for the green and sustainable restaurant group.

Back in May, we told you about Founding Farmers, the restaurant group owned and operated by the North Dakota Farmers Union, opening a huge, 14,000 square foot restaurant at the King of Prussia Town Center. We knew a lot about the group behind the concept: that it was owned by the 40,000 member strong NDFU which operated successful restaurants in Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia, that this location would be both their biggest and the first outside the DelMarVa region, be two stories and feature both its own in-house bakery and its own spirits behind the bar.

One thing we didn’t know? When it would actually open.

But now we do.

Wednesday, November 1st is the official opening day, but reservations are already being accepted. Know why that matters for what is essentially an enormous chain restaurant? Because this particular enormous chain restaurant (or at least the D.C. location) has been the single most booked restaurant on Open Table for six years running.

No, seriously. A restaurant cooperatively owned by 47,533 family farmers, which focuses on green practices, sustainability and local sourcing, is the most popular restaurant on Open Table. And that’s really saying something.

The restaurant will be open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunches. The bar will have five Founding Farmers spirits behind the bar (a vodka, a gin, two whiskeys and a pisco). And the menu is HUGE–covering everything from fried fish to grain bowls, an entire section dedicated to burgers, 14 pastas and an entire steakhouse menu.

You can check the menu out for yourself right here. And make your reservations at the link below.

Founding Farmers King of Prussia [Official]