Now You Can Get Poke for Brunch at Burg’s Hideaway Lounge

The Point Breeze tiki spot had a new weekend morning menu.

Burg’s Hideaway Lounge/Facebook

We’ve all been there: half the brunch crew wants a big plate of carbs and meat to steady them after the previous night’s escapades, and the other half is desperate for something healthyish to pull them out of that morning-after haze. Do you go for a spot that serves stuffed French toast and bacon or one that’s dishing out grain bowls and green smoothies?

As of tomorrow morning, you can head to Burg’s Hideaway Lounge and have both.

The Point Breeze tiki spot — which won Best Lowkey Bar in our Best of Philly awards this year — unveils their new brunch menu on Saturday, September 16th, and it’s got the perfect mix of indulgent and light dishes to make everyone happy.

For starters, they’re serving up poke, with a bowl featuring raw tuna, watermelon, and wasabi puffed rice, plus a classic yogurt and granola bowl. There are heartier favorites too, like a breakfast burrito, steak and eggs, and blueberry-coconut French toast.

Beverage-wise, Burg’s has tweaked their over-the-top cocktails for day drinking, including a Bloody Mary made with pastrami-smoked salmon. There’s also a booze-free offering, The Cure, made with kale, cucumber, pineapple, lime, and ginger, that’s meant to revive the drinker after whatever happened last night.

Brunch hours at Burg’s are Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. Check out the full menu below (click to embiggen).

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