A Korean Farm Food Pop-Up Is Coming to West Philly

Haenyo is in the house at Pentridge Station from September 6th through 8th.


Baltimore-based Korean pop-up Haenyo is making the journey north to Philadelphia.

The itinerant outfit — named for the strong-willed women divers of Korea’s Jeju province — will take up residence at West Philly beer garden Pentridge Station from September 6th through 8th.

Run by chef-founders Irvin Seo and Collin Morstein, Haenyo’s ethos draws from Seoul-born Seo’s childhood eating and preparing “traditional Korean farm food” with his mother in Portland, Oregon and Morstein’s commitment to increasing access to responsibly grown ingredients direct from farmers.

At Pentridge, Seo and Morstein will serve up bites like mandu (dumplings), gimbap (sushi-esque rolls of rice and other fillings wrapped in sheets of seaweed) and dakkochi, marinated and grilled chicken skewers.

They’re sourcing Pennsylvania-farmed ingredients, too: organically grown produce is coming from Berks County’s Red Earth Farm, with Gettysburg-area Rettland Farm supplying pasture-raised chicken and pork.

Service goes from 5 p.m. until 10 p.m. each night from Wednesday, September 6th through Friday, September 8th.

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