Where To Eat This Weekend: We All Need a Little Break, Don’t We?

So let's go eat, drink and be merry at some of the best bars and restaurants in town.

Photo by Jason Varney

Okay, so this has been a long week for everyone. But the weekend is coming, so I think it’s on us to try to take a breath, shake it off, and find some way to make the best of things. Call some friends, some family, get together with your neighbors, and then get out in the world and live a little.

Here are a few new, notable or awesome places you might want to consider.

Shoo Fry: Now For Breakfast

The Rittenhouse location added a breakfast service this week. So in addition to a quick lunch (of poutine), a cheap dinner (of poutine) or late-night, last call sustenance (based largely around poutine, you can also drop by for egg sandwiches and loaded hash browns–that look an awful lot like poutine. We’ve got everything you need to know about the new breakfast service at Shoo Fry right here.

Drinking for a Good Cause at Jose Pistola’s

When you’re feeling bad, sometimes the best way to turn things around is to help someone else. Also, beer usually helps. So this weekend, you can do both. Jose Pistola’s is holding a benefit for autism research. There are going to be beer and cocktail specials. You should get a gang together and go.

More Drinking: The Best Suburban Cocktails

If you’re in the ‘burbs, we’ve got you covered, too. Here are some of the best cocktails outside of the city, courtesy of this year’s Best of Philly issue.

Put That Membership Card To Good Use at Palizzi

Palizzi Social Club just got named as one of the best new restaurants in America. My guess? They’re probably going to be pretty busy this weekend. But if you already got yourself a membership, then you certainly have a leg up when it comes to getting through the door. Show up early, stay late, and toast to Philly’s success with the crew who earned it.

Pizza With Gutts

If itinerant pizza man Daniel Gutter’s life was a kung fu movie, he’d be like some kind of wandering pizza ninja, famous for receiving training from the most fearsome masters in the world. He trained at Pizza Brain. He worked under Joe Beddia. And for months, he’s been walking the earth (well, Philly) like Kwai Chang Caine, doing pizzas wherever he could find space. Now, though, his operation (called Pizza Gutt) will have a more-or-less permanent home at W/N W/N Coffee Bar. We’ve got all the details.

Oh, Plus a Little (Read: A Lot) More Drinking

One more thing to keep in mind (though it isn’t happening this weekend). Next Thursday, Philly’s best local distillers are throwing a big-ass party in Fishtown. Tickets are ridiculously cheap (just $30) and will cover you for samples from nine different distilleries. So again, grab a few friends, get your tickets now, and make plans to meet (and drink) with the people who make your favorite local booze on Thursday, August 24th.