Where To Eat This Weekend: The Himalayas, By Way Of New Jersey

Also, the best pizza, the best pastries, and some tacos, too.

You’ve made it. Congratulations. Once again, the workweek has come to a close and you’re probably here looking for somewhere interesting to eat (or drink) this weekend.

Have no fear. We’ve got you covered. And we’re going to start right off by getting you out of town.

We’re heading for New Jersey

Actually, we’ve already been. Plenty of times. And we went so we could find some places for you to eat if you don’t make it all the way to the Shore. So whether you’re looking for steaks, Himalayan momo, chocolate cake or cheesesteaks, here’s what you need to know.

Oh, and there’s pizza, too

Maybe you’re in a hurry. Maybe you’re just REALLY hungry. In that case, we’ve got just the thing. From our just-released Best of Philly 2017 issue, here are the best quick-serve pizzas in the region.

Meanwhile, out in Ardmore…

Looking for some old-school French pastries this weekend? Of course you are. Who wouldn’t be? And the good news is, Delice et Chocolate just opened in Ardmore with an alum of the Le Bec Fin pastry department working the ovens. Antoine Amrani was head pastry chef at Le Bec back in the day (and trained at the Ritz-Escoffier in Paris), and he’s running the joint with his brother, Josep Amrani, who also worked for Georges Perrier once upon a time. The two of them are hand-crafting chocolates, baking French pastries, making macarons, serving sandwiches and pouring coffee from Valerio Coffee Roasters in Norristown. You should really go check this place out.

How about an Old City New American BYO turned temporary taqueria?

You’re going to have to wait out the weekend before you can check this place out, but the beloved bistro in question is Bistro 7 which, for the entire month of August, is becoming Dos Rosas Taqueria. The crew is the same, the chef is the same, but the vibe will be super-casual grab-and-go counter service during the day and equally casual at night, with some composed plates (and lots of tacos) for dinner. It’s a cool move for a place to pull during Philly’s dog days, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do.

Or maybe you just want to eat some cookie dough

Because you can do that, too.

There’s also a lot of food and drink at the East Passyunk Car Show this weekend

Seriously, there’s like two dozen restaurants and bars putting out snacks and sips for the crowds that are expected to swamp the Avenue for this weekend’s event. We’ve got the full list of everyone who’s participating (and what they’re serving), so if you’re looking for a little pre-show intel, this is the place to be.

And, obviously, we’ve got the full Best of Philly list for you to check out

It’s online right now. And if you can’t find something to get excited about here, you might be in need of something more substantial than a stiff drink, an excellent sandwich and some donuts.