Best of Philly: Where to Eat in New Jersey

Jersey's restaurant scene actually has a lot of character — you just need to know where to look.

Zeppoli – Photo by Samuel Markey

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Jersey gets a bad rap — where should we be eating?

Of course there’s Zeppoli (pictured above), Joey Baldino’s Italian dream of a BYOB where the food tastes so heartfelt and honest, you’d think there’s a Sicilian grandmother cooking in the kitchen. (Not for nothing, Philly chefs are known to trek here on their nights off.)

Mount Masala/Yelp

Mount Masala is a no-frills Himalayan restaurant (the only one of its kind in the area) in a strip mall; it’s got picture-perfect (above) momo dumplings and hot ‘n’ spicy noodle soups.

The Pub/Facebook

There’s the crowd favorite: The Pub, a Jersey steakhouse relic where Caesar salads have a section of the bar all to themselves and steaks come out sizzling and swimming in jus. Pro-tip: save room for the chocolate cake — it’s as big as your forearm.


And for a cheesesteak that’s worth bypassing South Philly for, Donkey’s Place — the very definition of a neighborhood tavern — builds its version on a poppyseed kaiser roll with American cheese, sliced steak, and a wacky amount of deeply caramelized onions.

Published as “Ask Us Anything” in the August issue of Philadelphia magazine.

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