Philly’s Biggest Italian Chef Will Host a First-Come, First-Serve Pop-Up Pasta Bar Tonight

It could be the most casual kind of eating to happen at 1312 Spruce Street.


Marc Vetri’s flagship restaurant — which might be the most expensive single dinner (if you include wine pairings) in Philly — is a sophisticated affair. It’s always been. That’s its thing. And it’s succeeded in being that thing.

But Italian food isn’t exactly rooted in sophistication, not like it is with French food at least. There’s an ever-present rusticity about Italian food. Rules-shmules.

And pasta? Pasta is the most casual Italian food of them all, basically just a starch used as vessel to highlight other ingredients. The different shapes and styles are for added texture and fun. Pasta is so casual, even, Vetri’s decided to serve it to you a la carte at the upstairs kitchen tonight.

Details and menu here:

Get ready for lines. I’m sure they’ll be worth it.

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