Where To Eat This Weekend: Nothing But The Best, Day Or Night

Wondering where to eat this weekend? We've got you covered.

Side of the Road Jerk Chicken, from our list of Philly’s best drunk food/Facebook

Okay, so this weekend more than any weekend in recent memory, we’re presenting you with a wealth of options for experiencing the best of Philadelphia dining. For starters, we’ve got the newly-updated 50 Best Restaurants list. Then there’s our guide to the best drunk food in Philly. And that’s not even counting the fried chicken and ice cream.

You ready? Because here we go…

The Best In The City

As promised, let’s start thing off with the brand new list of 50 Best Restaurants, summer 2017 edition. There are old favorites, surprises, shocking twists–everything you want from a list of the best restaurants in Philly. And looking through it, I can virtually guarantee you’re going to find somewhere to eat that you’ve either never heard of or haven’t thought about in a long time.

Don’t Drink Before Reading This

But maybe you’re just going out drinking tonight, huh? Tip a couple back to celebrate the weekend? If so, you’re still going to want somewhere to eat after the drinking is done. And this list of the best drunk food in Philly was assembled with you in mind.

Getting High With The Dutch

You been to Bok Bar yet? You really should go. And if you’re looking for a casual, dog-and-family-friendly introduction to one of the treasures of Philly’s summer restaurant scene, then check it out on Sundays when the crew from The Dutch takes it over for a relaxed, upscale service that’s perfect for a warm Sunday evening.

Weekends Are Made For Fried Chicken

Love & Honey Fried Chicken in Fishtown is doing some amazing work on Philly’s fried chicken front. They’ve got pies, too–made from scratch and in several varieties. You’ve had a tough week, right? Don’t you think you deserve some fried chicken and pie? Yeah, you do…

And Then Some Ice Cream

Little Baby’s Ice Cream is having a block party tonight. It’s happening at the world headquarters on Frankford Avenue and starts at 6pm. So you’d better hurry if you want to get there in time.

But Maybe You Just Want To Stay In Tonight

Because, what? You’re a reverse vampire and can’t stand the light of the moon? Whatever your reasons, we’ve got you covered, too, because guess what else happened this week? UberEats launched a new program offering exclusive, delivery-only dishes from some of the best restaurants in the city. So for those of you who just can’t drag yourselves up off the couch, have no fear. We’ve got the exclusive list for you right here.