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Ice cream cat sticker illustrated by Yona Yurwit[2]

Flow State CoffeeBar on Frankford Avenue is set to open[3] sometime this fall. In the meantime, the owners are having some summertime fun with a Gelato Cat Bike Ride on July 9th.

In addition to being a perfect(ly awesome) example of Peak Millennial, the event[4] is pretty much what it sounds like: “Express your inner Gelato Cat in any way you like” — I interpret this to mean dressing like a cat or wearing clothing emblazoned with images of felines — bike over to Flow State, and “ride bikes in a huge cat-pack around Kensington,” according to the event page. The rider with the best cat-garb wins a special prize.

The rise starts at 10 a.m. and finishes up at noon back at the starting point, where everyone can beat the heat with complimentary catnip-infused gelato. Just make sure you’re not still under the influence when you ride home.

Gelato Cat Bike Ride[5] [Facebook]
FlowState CoffeeBar[6] [Foobooz]

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