Gelato Cat Bike Ride Combines Gelato, Cats, Bikes

Express your inner Gelato Cat on July 9th.

Flow State CoffeeBar on Frankford Avenue is set to open sometime this fall. In the meantime, the owners are having some summertime fun with a Gelato Cat Bike Ride on July 9th.

In addition to being a perfect(ly awesome) example of Peak Millennial, the event is pretty much what it sounds like: “Express your inner Gelato Cat in any way you like” — I interpret this to mean dressing like a cat or wearing clothing emblazoned with images of felines — bike over to Flow State, and “ride bikes in a huge cat-pack around Kensington,” according to the event page. The rider with the best cat-garb wins a special prize.

The rise starts at 10 a.m. and finishes up at noon back at the starting point, where everyone can beat the heat with complimentary catnip-infused gelato. Just make sure you’re not still under the influence when you ride home.

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