Where To Eat This Weekend: From Philly to the Shore

We've got you covered with everything from pastries and coffee to Nordic cuisine and the best potato cakes you'll ever have (in Wildwood).

Machine Shop Boulangerie/Facebook

You’ve made it to Friday. You should celebrate. And whether you’re staying in town this weekend or headed down the Shore, we’ve got suggestions whether you’re looking for brunch,

A Brunch Away From Home

We know all the jokes about Wildwood, but shut up for a minute. If you’re looking for something new for brunch and happen to be in the area, then Philly’s own Green Eggs Cafe is doing a recurring brunch pop-up at Keenan’s Irish Pub on Olde New Jersey Avenue. Oh, and if you happen to be going all the way to Florida, they’re doing one in Avenyura, too. But Wildwood is a lot closer.

Last Chances

If you’re a fan of Tria Fitler Square, you should probably get there for a last meal fast. It was announced this week that they’re closing down, and while there’s no final date set yet, we’re guessing it’s not gonna be around for long.

Salute The Sun

Bok Bar is throwing a Midsummer Feast on Saturday, and they’re taking it in a farm-to-table, Nordic kind of direction with chefs Joncarl Lachman, Lee Styer and Josh Lawler. Tickets will run you $75–unless you want your own custom-made flower crown to wear for the festivities, in which case you’ll be paying $110.

Machine Shop and ITV

Machine Shop Boulangerie has been doing pop-ups and bake-sales all over town lately. And on Saturday morning, they’re going to be taking over Nick Elmi’s ITV. They’re going to be there from 11am to 3pm, but seriously? Get there early if you want to have any chance at scoring some of the best pastries being done in town right now. We’ve got the menu if you want to take a look.

Hot New Thing

Sylva Senat’s long-awaited Maison 208 is now officially open to the public. You should go. It is beautiful. Don’t believe us? We’ve got pictures. And the menu looks even better (we’ve got a copy of that, too).

Another Reason To Go To Wildwood

Surfside West in Wildwood has the greatest fried potato cake in the state of New Jersey, probably in the tri-state area, possibly in the world. Again, if you happen to be heading in that direction this weekend, you should totally drop by for breakfast. I recommend the challah French toast–and three orders of the fried potato cakes.