Here’s a Collaboration You Didn’t See Coming: Pizzeria Vetri and Ghostface Killah

Pizzeria Vetri is doing a beer pairing dinner inspired by the Wu-Tang Clan. There is nothing about that sentence that I don't find fascinating.

Pizzeria Vetri/Official

This one surprised me a little bit. Because it’s not often that you see Vetri and the Wu-Tang Clan mentioned in the same sentence, right? Just to be sure about that I Googled “Vetri” and “Wu-Tang Clan” together. And nope. The internet came up with nothing.

But hey, the world is a big, strange place and there’s room in it for all manner of oddities. So if you are a fan of both Pizzeria Vetri and Ghostface Killah, then man, do I have the perfect event for you.

Here’s the deal: On June 5th, from 6 – 11 p.m., the Rittenhouse Square Pizzeria Vetri is throwing an event they’re calling their “Brew-Tang Clan Beer Dinner.” It features beer from 2SP and Hardywood breweries, a collaboration beer from 2SP and Hardywood inspired by the Wu-Tang Clan called GRZA, and a four-course paired dinner from the Pizzeria Vetri crew, all served to the music of Ghostface Killah.

This is one of those events that’s so unexpected it just has to be awesome, know what I mean? Because someone (or, perhaps, several someones) at 2SP, Hardywood and PV came up with this idea, sold it to the bosses, and made it happen out of love, obsession and weirdness — which are the best possible places for something like this to come from.

Anyway, if you’re interested (and admit it, you are), tickets for the event are running $55 per person. The party will be happening at the 1615 Chancellor Street location. And you can buy your tickets in advance at the link below.

Brew-Tang Clan Beer Dinner at Pizzeria Vetri [Get tickets here]