What To Eat This Weekend: SPAM, Lobsters, Plant-Meat and SPAM

Plus dinner at a brunch spot, brunch at a seafood restaurant and the best bagels in town.

Poi Dog/Facebook

Once again, we have made it to Friday. I think we deserve to celebrate. And how better to do that than with lobsters, SPAM, donuts, plant-based proteins and more lobster? We’ve got everything you need, from the best bagels in Philly to Hawaiian food that’s perfect for a hot afternoon and a new seafood brunch.

So let’s get started, shall we?

  • First off, if you haven’t been there already, the new(ish) brick-and-mortar location of Poi Dog is absolutely a place you should keep in mind this weekend. Two reasons: One, while this weekend won’t be quite so crazy-hot as it has been these past couple days, it’s still gonna be summery. And Poi Dog does Hawaiian food, which is just made for hot, lazy days. Two: if bowls of sriracha-spiked poke, SPAM musubi, huge plate lunches full of rice and barbecued pork, and andagi donuts for dessert don’t sound awesome on ANY day, regardless of the weather, you and I got nothing more to talk about.


  • Taste is now open in Phoenixville–a vegan restaurant that’s using proteins sourced from a vegan butcher in Minneapolis which uses nothing but plants, spices and…I don’t know, fucking magic or whatever, to make “meat” that some (read: almost all) people claim is game-changing when it comes to the faux-meat game. I spent a long time talking with the man behind Taste last week, and I’m kinda excited to see what he and his chef (recruited from a steakhouse) can do with this stuff. Because if this is the future, I want to know what it’s going to taste like.






  • Need more lobster in your life? Of course you do. And we’ve got you covered with information on Red Owl Tavern bringing back their lobster clam bakes. The only complication? They’re every Monday (through Labor Day), so not technically happening on the weekend, but still… It’s a lobster clam bake. Make some plans.