Where To Eat This Weekend: Rainy Day Plans

Plus cold beer, lobster rolls, scallion pancakes and some plugged-in dining options.

Scallion pancakes/Suga

So you’ve made it through another week. Congratulations! You should celebrate by having something awesome to eat. And if you’re looking for suggestions, we’ve got you covered with our weekly round-up of the best food things happening this weekend.

Let’s start with bagels.

  • As surely as Friday must end, Saturday will begin. And if the thought of facing the morning without those two most vital weekend ingredients — bagels and coffee — scares you, I have something to allay your fears. Einstein Bros. Bagels is now selling caffeinated bagels. So if you can get past the intrinsic weirdness of a caffeinated solid, this might be fantastic news for you.
  • Or how ’bout a cold beer and a lobster roll? I can’t think of any better way to spend a Saturday afternoon. And if the rain holds off this weekend, you can now get both in the same place since La Peg’s Biergarten and Seafood Shack are back for the season.
  • If you’re after something different — something not exactly next door to recognizable, but in the same neighborhood — you should check out SuGa. I respect the hell out of creativity, tenacity and risky behavior, all of which are fully on display in SuGa’s menus. It is a new world of fusion, a second act to the whole French-Asian thing and Americanized Chinese that took over the universe a couple decades ago, and it is happening right here on Sansom Street. Plus, there are the popcorn pork ravioli, which are awesome all on their own and available for happy hour.
  • Hey, just a quick bit of bad news here. Earlier this week, we got all excited for Hawthorne’s block party, which was supposed to be happening this weekend on the streets at 11th and Fitzwater. But because of the rain being predicted, the party has been postponed. It will now (hopefully) be held on Saturday, July 1st.
  • But that’s fine. If you had plans to hit Hawthorne’s for their party, maybe you’d be interested in something new instead? The newest iteration of Farm and Fisherman Tavern just opened in Horsham. We’ve got the menu if you’re interested, or maybe just go and check it out for yourself.
  • Or perhaps you’re just planning on staying inside and getting some work done this weekend. That’s cool. But when the opportunity comes along to both eat, drink AND work, that’s a hard trifecta to ignore. For those of you who need to put in some time slaving over a hot laptop (or are just hiding from the rain), we’ve got a whole list of cafes and restaurants where you can both plug in and get yourself fed with a proper meal.