Where To Eat This Weekend: Brunch, Tacos, and Brunch Tacos

Plus how to celebrate an authentic Cinco de Mayo and where to eat the kind of food served during the Civil War.


Okay, quick: First thing you have to do is see whether or not Barbuzzo has sold out of the salted caramel budino choco-tacos we told you about on Monday. They went on sale at 11am and the restaurant was going to be selling them upstairs until they sold out.

Now assuming that the budino choco-tacos are gone (or that they will be shortly), you’re still going to need something else to eat this weekend, right? Well, you’re in luck because this weekend is busy. There’s a ton of stuff to do and places to go. And we’re here to tell you about the best of it.

  • Let’s begin with this: Today is Cinco de Mayo, right? And if you’re looking to celebrate with something a little more, I don’t know…authentic than eating $1 hard-shell tacos and drinking a watered-down margarita while wearing a sombrero (yeah, you know who you are), then we’re here to help with this list of ways to celebrate this holiday (which has nothing to do with Mexican independence) properly. We’ve got restaurants to go to, details on an official Cinco de Mayo street festival, and more. It’s not a complete list by any means, but it’s a start. Or you could just sneak a blended margarita into a Big Gulp cup, nuke yourself a frozen burrito at 7-11 and be done with it. Your choice.
  • Hey, speaking of tacos, you wanna know somewhere you can’t eat this weekend? The Taco Truck at King of Prussia mall. It closed after just three-and-a-half months in business. But have no fear because, just like the bible says, God never closes one taco truck without opening another. And guess what? West Philly’s Taco Angeleno truck just opened for the season, featuring longer hours, and expanded menu and, of all things, brunch.
  • And speaking of brunch, check this out: A big list of all the places you should be eating brunch in Philly right now. And it includes two dim sum brunches, one with bottomless cocktails and two brand new brunches just launching this weekend–at Cinder and P’unk Burger. Which means yeah, a cheeseburger brunch on Passyunk Avenue, complete with breakfast cereal-flavored milkshakes.
  • But hey, maybe rather than a quiet brunch, you’re looking for a drunken German sausage party with a few hundred of your closest friends. I mean, who isn’t, right? The good news is, this Saturday marks the return of Brauhaus Schmitz’s Maifest–their annual celebration of beer, oompa music, beer, beer and tube-shaped meats. Things start at 11am, go until 7pm and will occupy all of the 700 block of South Street.
  • Want something a bit more refined? Marigold Kitchen just launched their new spring menu. We’ve got some pictures. They’re fucking gorgeous. You should go look at them all and then go make a reservation. And maybe bring me with you.
  • Okay, so here’s a weird one. The Mutter Museum is currently in the middle of an exhibition on Civil War surgery and medicine (because of course they are). So you know what they thought would be fun? Livening things up a little with snacks! Authentic Civil War-era snacks! On Saturday, they’ll be “hosting a special Refreshment Saloon featuring the kinds of foods that soldiers and civilians ate in the mid-nineteenth century.” There will be hourly tastings of authentic refreshments so, you know, maybe you should just go and get in line now.
  • Finally, if you happen to find yourself in Chinatown and hungry for Korean food, you should check out Dae Bak on the second floor of the new-ish Chinatown Square food hall. So get some friends together (because Korean food is meant to be shared, and grab a table. We’ve got all the details on the oh-so-quiet opening of Dae Bak last weekend, its menu and some pictures right here.