Feed the Hungry Like You Would Yourself With Broad Street Ministry’s Pasture to Plate Campaign

The radical hospitality group has teamed up with Primal Supply Meats to feed more vulnerable Philadelphians.

Jason Varney / Primal Supply Meats

Jason Varney / Primal Supply Meats

Heather Thomason, former head butcher at Kensington Quarters, struck out on her own last year with Primal Supply Meats. The whole-animal butchery service provides pastured, Pennsylvania-raised fresh meats and eggs to top restaurants like Aldine and Tired Hands Fermentaria and direct to consumers through a CSA-style “butcher’s club.”

Now, she’s working with Broad Street Ministry — the “radical hospitality” group that provides essential services to those most in need — to get more grass-fed goodness on the plates of the city’s hungry and homeless.

Last year, Thomason connected with Steven Seibel, chef at Broad Street Ministry’s Hospitality Collaborative, to donate butchery and logistics services while providing grass-fed beef bones for stock and tallow to use as cooking fat. Seibel and his team sourced fresh, quality ingredients to prepare and serve more than 76,000 nourishing meals last year.

Broad Street Ministry is on track to serve an additional 8,000 no-cost meals to homeless and food-insecure Philadelphians in 2017. To keep pace with that growth, they’ve partnered with Primal Supply for their Pasture to Plate campaign, which aims to put this high-quality, good-for-you protein onto the plates of more of the city’s most vulnerable people.

Thomason has called on her community of chefs, meat lovers, and Butcher’s Club members to help Broad Street Ministry meet a modest fundraising goal: $2,500 to help Seibel and his staff source the best for their patrons. With seven days left to go, the campaign is just over $1000 away from meeting its goal.

A $25 donation — the amount you might spend on a nice meal for yourself — provides 15 servings of ground chicken Broad Street Ministry’s hungry guests. A $100 contribution covers 100 pounds of grassfed ground beef, while a $1000 gift buys a whole pastured pig.

Get the full story behind the collaboration and the campaign at Broad Street Ministries’ fundraising page and consider chipping in to feed those in need with dignity.

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