Cheu Noodle Bar’s Tiki Night Means Lots of Spam, Loco Moco and Mai Tais

Next week, Washington Square West's ramen bar goes tiki.

Ben Puchowitz, the chef-half of the Cheu Noodle Bar duo, spent his honeymoon in Hawaii this past winter, and like any good chef, he ate everything he could get his hands on. And he misses it — all of it — the beaches, the weather, the food.

Now, couple Puchowitz’s heartache for Hawaii with the fact that Cheu chefs Justin Bacharach and Bryan Donovan just got back from noodle R&D in L.A. (which included lots of tiki bars), and you’ve got a whole lot of Polynesian vibes floating around Washington Square West.

So the Cheu team’s decided to throw a Tiki Night. Here’s what you should know.

Next week, April 24th, Cheu’s entire dining room will turn tiki, from decor to dress to menus. It goes all night long and features all sorts of Polynesian small plates and tiki drinks. Here’s the menu:

And although it may seem like this could be a teaser for what’s to come in Fishtown, co-owner Shawn Darragh says that it’s, in fact, not. Just a fun one-off event to welcome the warm weather. “We are getting close,” he said of Cheu Fishtown. “Finishing up tile and floors this month.”

Cheu Noodle Bar Opening in Fishtown [Foobooz]
Cheu Noodle Bar [Foobooz]