Germans Love White Asparagus and Brauhaus Schmitz Will Prove It to You

Spargelfest is happening tomorrow.

Photo/Wikimedia Commons

Photo/Wikimedia Commons

Jeremy Nolen, executive chef of Brauhaus Schmitz and king of all things “Fests” in Philly, is stoked about spring (as we all are, right?). More specifically, he’s stoked about asparagus, because during the spring the Germans are known to grow asparagus underground, refusing it the light of day. Without sun, photosynthesis doesn’t occur, so it comes out looking like vampire asparagus. Nice!

Nolen and his crew at Brauhaus would like to show off the many ways of the white asparagus with something called Spargelfest, a four-course dinner hosted by the German Chamber of Commerce, happening tomorrow night, April 6th, from 6-9 p.m.

Here’s what’s involved.

For members of the German Chamber of Commerce, a ticket to the dinner is $85 and includes an hour-long happy hour and bottomless beers during dinner. For non-members, it’s the same thing, but $95. Menu below; purchase your tickets here.

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